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The Latin and Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Miami.

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Quotes I've been a member of Miami Ballroom since I was a freshman at UM, and I am so happy I decided to join and continue ballroom dancing with such a lovely group of people! I think the best part of MB is the opportunity to learn a creative and fun sport and become a part of the welcoming, social and awesome Miami Ballroom family. We may be a little crazy, but we have so much fun. :) Quotes
La Presidenta, Team Member and Instructor Extraordinare

Quotes I joined Miami Ballroom the beginning of last year not really knowing what to expect. Within the first few classes I was meeting people like crazy, learning a bunch of new dance moves, and just overall having a lot of fun. The classes were taught by student instructors, so they understood that sometimes you might need to miss a class because of schoolwork and were always very aproachable if you needed a little more help with a certain move. The people in the class really did become like a second family, and every week I would look forward to going for my two hours of dancing. It works as a great escape from the mountains of schoolwork I normally have, plus the fact that the ladies usually outnumbered the guys didn't hurt either. Quotes
Tommy Kershaw
Very satisfied member, soon to be dance team member (I hope)

Quotes Love Miami Ballroom classes. Great people, Great classes, and Great parties! Its so much fun and well worth it for the price. = ) Quotes
Satisfied Member

Quotes I absolutely LOVE Miami Ballroom! I danced a little before college and was so glad to find that UM had a ballroom club on campus. Seriously these people have become like my family. They are wonderful! The lessons on Thursdays are so much fun and you get to meet so many new people and make new friends. It's also my exercise for the week haha. I absolutely love being on the team too. We get to perform at so many events on and off campus. It's so much fun. Join Miami Ballroom! You won't regret it :) Quotes
PR Chair, Team Member, Student Instructor

Quotes I joined Miami Ballroom 3 years ago, on my mother's insistence. I didn't know anyone on campus and my mom wanted me involved and she knew I liked to dance. I am glad my mother made me go that very first open house because I can't imagine my life with out Miami Ballroom. Never have I thought I would be so involved in an organization, and three years later I am Co-Vice President and have the best second family I could've asked for. It is filled with the most outrageous and wonderful people ever, where the good times keep coming and the laughter never seems to end. Quotes
Co-Vice President

Quotes I love Miami Ballroom because not only does it teach you a variety of dances that are amazing but it is a great way to exercise, release stress, and make amazing friends. Everyone at Miami Ballroom is a huge family and everyone is very open to new people. The people are so warm and welcoming. The dancing is really fun and the teachers show how it can be used more than in just performances but regular outings and not only in routines to certain songs but with modern music. I love Miami Ballroom so much, I don't know what I would have done with out the people in it this semester and I am so motivated to continue learning the dancing. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Quotes
Camila Aime
Miami Ballroom Member

Quotes I joined Miami Ballroom a year ago because I was not involved in a single student organization, had very few friends on campus, and I had always wanted to try ballroom dancing. Little did I know that this would become my family! The dance instruction is fun and challenging, and the people are crazy fun! I never would have expected to make so many friends in this club, and to learn so much about dance. The dancing I have learned makes me feel energized, sexy and ready to take on the city! Quotes
Dancesport Team Member, Student Instructor